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20 Dublin slang words every tourist should know

Temple Bar, Dublin Dubliners are renowned for their charm and self-deprecating humour around the world - we love nothing more than a good ould yarn and a giggle! Over time we've also developed a number of slang words that can leave many tourists slightly baffled. So we decided to translate our top 20 here. Let us know any of your favourites we missed.

  1. Ah here  - Expression of frustration
  2. Craic - Fun
  3. C'mere till I tell you - Come closer so I can tell you something
  4. Ah Jaysus - Irish slang for Jesus. Used when not wanting to offend the religiously inclined.
  5. Feck off - See Above
  6. Oul Fella - Father
  7. Oul Wan - Mother
  8. Donkey's Years - A long time
  9. Eejit - Idiot
  10. Culchie - Person of rural origin
  11. Gas - Funny
  12. Savage - Brilliant
  13. Scarlet - Highly embarrassed
  14. Story? (What's the) - What's happening/How are you?
  15. Delira and Excira - Delighted and excited
  16. Swamp Donkey - Unattractive woman
  17. Fond of the drink - Alcoholic
  18. Grand - Used all the time. Mostly as an answer to the question 'How are you?'
  19. Chancer - Someone who takes a risk
  20. Black stuff - Guinness at Guinness Storehouse, Dublin

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