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Dublin Plays Host to a Festival of History this September and October

Historians, students, researchers and general lovers of historical fact and fiction are sure to be paying a visit to Dublin later this month. Why? Well, we reckon a certain festival due to be held in the city for the first time ever this year, may get their pulse rate beating a tad faster than it usually does.   Bringing Ireland’s Legends to Life From September 27 to October 5 Dublin librarians, lecturers and other interested bods promise to bring the pages of dusty old books and the telling of countless legends to life for thousands of fascinated residents and visitors alike.

Forget reciting historical facts rote-fashion in a classroom, this is history like you’ve never heard it before. And the very generous outpouring we’re about to look forward to here in Dublin is all under the auspices of the very new and extremely exciting inaugural Festival of History - no less! As you can image holding a Festival of History is no measly undertaking but then Dublin does have a certain literary, political and architectural background that gives it the edge over countless other cities around, we’d say. Ancient Book Tombs and Dublin’s Contemporary Café Society Experts from throughout Ireland are sure to have pleasure helping historical characters introduce themselves and their part in both the city and Ireland’s history throughout the week.

And while they’re doing so, audiences can look forward to sitting back and enjoying the entertainment in comfort in a series of theatres, pubs and cafes scattered throughout Dublin. Even Dublin caste is fittingly getting in on the act (we told you there would be atmosphere!).

These historians promise to mystery and excitement to existing historical tales with a wealth of storytelling covering topics such as the Dublin Lockout and James Connolly’s defiant Citizen Army.

Encouraging Audience Participation There’ll also be countless lively debates with audience participation, energetic and entertaining walking tours, film screenings and – for those who haven’t quite got round to tracing their family tree yet – master classes in that most addictive of past times, Geneology.

Dublin Library’s Historical Book Collection If it’s quiet contemplation you’re looking for then Dublin Library is the place to head for. Believe it or not, books in the city’s libraries go back as far as the 16th century and can be found in the Gilbert Collection.

Then there is the prized and unique Dix Collection which covers 17th and 18th century Dublin life and trade. Other collections worth viewing if you get the chance include the Yeats books and the Children’s Book Collection. And just in case you haven’t got the message yet of how excited Dublin is about it’s new Festival of History well, bear in mind Baron Roy Hattersley will be launching the event while there’s a good chance you’ll recognise some of the speakers from the TV.

Here at the Sandymount Hotel we wouldn’t miss it for the world.

And make sure you don’t either by discovering you can’t book any accommodation for the week in question because the city’s crowded. Take a look at our website and book today and know you’ll definitely be coming. Image via

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