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Amazing Facts about Michael Buble

Ladies, just in case you’ve spent the last six months in Timbukto or similar (the former is a real place, incidentally) and haven’t heard that the truly wonderful Michael Buble is about to set foot on Irish soil from July 15 to 19 then let us regale you with that news now. In fact, let us babble on about it here for a wee while if you will. Here at the Sandymount Hotel we’re pretty excited about it ourselves.

After all, it’s not every day that a delicious Canadian mega star with a voice to match decides to air his vocals in our fine city.   And a historical mega-star at that – according to record books Mr Buble is the largest selling male singer this century.

Ah, we still remember the last two shows he did in Dublin, way back in 2010 at the Aviva Stadium just down the road. Sure there wasn’t a window closed in the whole hotel. It was like having him right here in the lounge. And if I closed my eyes I could just imagine going up to him and asking: “You’ll be wanting one of our lovely cocktails Mr Buble?” This year the great man is playing at the O2 in Dublin with tickets there limited to just four per transaction (so we sincerely hope you managed to get your whole family to ring up so there’d be enough tickets for the bus load of you girls who’ll be attending the concert). 

We’ve already spent days listening to his new album To Be Loved (his sixth incidentally). Do we all have a copy of this ladies? If not we’re sure you’ll be able to access one here at the hotel.

The O2 Arena Dublin

Meanwhile, for those of you who can’t wait for the Dublin gig itself you can satisfy yourselves with a peek at the video of his 10 day London O2 gig (where he’s still playing until July 12). It’ll get you in the mood if nothing else… Amazing Michael Buble Facts • Michael’s 2011 Christmas record, which spent three weeks at number one in the charts, went on to sell more than seven million copies around the globe, making it the second-best selling album of that year. • His musical heroes include Steve Wonder, Ella Fitzgerald, Dean Martin, the Bee Gees and Elvis.

• Michael part owns an ice hockey team called the Vancouver Giants • He wrote the song Home for long-term girlfriend Debbie Timuss and which became number one in more than 10 countries, as well as the most played song on Canadian radio the year it came out. Unfortunately Debbie and Michael later split after it was rumoured he was dating British actress Emily Blunt. • Michael’s album Crazy Love has now passed more than 7.6 million sales and has spent more than two and a half years in the album chart. Michael Buble fans are always welcome at the Sandymount Hotel. Check here for booking dates and rates. Images via and

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