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Say “Prost” to a Pint at Dublin’s Oktoberfest

Here at the Sandymount Hotel in Dublin we’ve all been gearing up for the Oktoberfest celebrations for some time now. The world famous Munich festival is set to make its mark on our fine city from September 19 to October 6 – and not for the first time either. Now the Bavarians are well-known around the globe for their love of beer and stoicism but we Irish can show them a thing or two with our Guinness and Murphys I would have thought.

And so, for the sake of curiosity we may find ourselves down there at Georges Dock ourselves for a night or two of some German hospitality, Bavarian-style. We know it’ll be a grand night out considering the first-ever Oktoberfest in Dublin was held in 2008 and so popular has it proved that the Irish version of the German festival been getting bigger and better every year. The most recent good news concerning the forthcoming celebrations is that the event has permission for extended licensing hours at the weekend so that on Thursday, Friday and Saturday it’ll be open from 12 noon to 12.30 am. The rest of the time it’s closing at 11.30pm.

Food and drink at Oktoberfest The event is actually sponsored by Paulaner, an authentic – and rather tasty - Bavarian style wheat beer (only six beers are invited to partake in the Oktoberfest in Munich) and which is also available in a non-alcoholic version for drivers and teetotallers. If you go, you just have to sample it. Just look out for one of the costumed barmaids like the one photographed below and we’re sure you’ll have a glass in your hands in no time at all.

Food-wise you’re definitely spoiled for choice at the event with plenty of well fired German meats such as sausages and pastries as well as the area’s speciality – Kasepatzle (cheese noodles to you and me). Then there’s those cute traditional iced gingerbread hearts. There’ll actually be around 30 authentic food producers so if you’re a foodie it’s worth going down to the Docks for some extended sampling sessions. Oktoberfest

Singing, dancing and other entertainment What else are those raunchy fun-loving Bavarian’s known for? Their love of yodelling of course (which is always entertaining after a pint or two as you can well imagine). There’ll also be the chance to learn the odd polka step (we can personally testify that it’s not as energetic as Irish dancing but certainly involves very co-ordinated movements).

German tradition Just in case you think the Bavarian Oktoberfest is no big deal, it’s actually more than 100 years old – the first being held in Munich in 1810, where around six million people turn up every year. Having lasted so long and with the ability to attract such massive crowds every year it’s good to a great night or two out wouldn’t you say so? To book at room at the Sandymount Hotel during the Oktoberfest in Dublin check availability on our site here. images via

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