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Taking A Trip to The 10 Days in Dublin Festival?

Now if you’re going to be coming to Dublin do you really want to restrict yourself to a mere 10 days in this festival city? ‘Course not. However what you do want to be doing – especially if you’re the least bit arty inclined – is to spend as much of it as possible packed into the audience for one of the city’s 10 Days ‘fringe’ Festival events. Stand-up comedy, drama, sculpture, street chalking and street walking – it’s all here and will be performed by many of Ireland’s as yet unknown stars of the future. Put it this way, if Bono, Sinead O’Connor and even James Joyce were just starting out, they’d be hanging around here right now. Time for Teens And the 10 Day Festival isn’t all high-brow, just for arty connoisseur types. Not at all.

Street-wise teenagers for instance will love the four comedy plays that combine to make up the performance Tonight Around Half-Eight which asks such contemporary and essential questions as ‘How do you impress your insane neighbours?’ Tonight Around Half Eight

Then there’s the Snail Walk which intriguingly ‘takes youngsters against the natural rhythm of life.’ Personally we’re no teenager but we quite fancy both. Maybe some youth-defying make-up and bad light might pave the way…

Count on Comedy Meanwhile, as adults, we are going along to comedian Robert Coyle’s one-man show My Life, My Universe, My Everything. Coyle sounds just about irrelevant enough for us to like and apparently he’ll also let us know the answer to that age old conundrum - why Jack Russell’s stick their tongues out when they mate.

We’re spoiled in Theatre land of course – don’t we Irish just love to dramatise and take to the stage? We’ll definitely be going along to hear Lovely Girl tell us how nice we are (everyone needs a little esteem-boosting now and then) and to learn a bit of old-fashioned etiquette 21st Century style. Lovely Girl

Might it be Magic? We’ve already booked two tickets for magician Phillip Mago’s stage show Séance. The reason we picked up two tickets is that we don’t really fancy going along on our own seeing as it’s based on Victorian séances and spiritualism.

He also insists on quite a bit of audience participation – just so long as it’s from this side of the grave… Maybe Music? And now, what’s a festival without a bit of music? One of Dublin’s big hitters on the lyrics scene – with an album ‘Making Trails’ already released earlier this year – Ana Gog are a melting pot of folk music and post-rock which gives them a very contemporary sound. Once heard, never forgotten.

Another guaranteed crowd-puller on the music scene is the four-man band CODES who’ll be playing their first gig here in Dublin and Ireland in over a year (the last 12 months have been spent recording their second album). A mix of soaring vocal harmonies, electronic beats, piano and glockenspiel go to make up this modern band’s dreamy meandering music (ahem, the group are a bit dreamy too ladies). Take our word for it; neither sex will want to miss this one either.   

So what have you got booked to go to this year? All images via

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