Health & Safety

at Sandymount Hotel

At Sandymount Hotel the health and safety of our guests and employees are our number one priority. We will do whatever we can to make sure our guests and employees are provided with the highest level of cleanliness and best hygiene practices during their time spent at the Sandymount Hotel. We are proud to be called a home away from home by many of our returning guests, therefore,  we would like to ensure our guests feel as safe as they would in their homes.

Our COVID19 Message

Failte Ireland COVID 19 Safety Charter

Sandymount Hotel has been awarded the Failte Ireland Safety Charter, which confirms that we are following the recommended guidelines and all the staff at the hotel have been trained in hygiene and safety controls. This charter was devised by Ireland's national tourism body Failte Ireland and is endorsed by the Government of Ireland.


  • Housekeepers use PPE when entering bedrooms – a mask and new set of gloves worn for each room
  • Bedroom cleaning procedures updated to include new strict practices
  • Disinfectant chemical (Evans EC4) used on all surfaces
  • Extra cleaning/disinfecting of high touch areas such as TV remotes, door handles, telephones, light switches
  • Removed pens and notepads, biscuits, guest directories, and decorative linen from bedrooms – these are now available on request
  • All linen cleaned and sanitised by a professional laundry company
  • Bedrooms are “rotated” – rooms left for 24 hours after departure then ventilated, cleaned, and sanitised ready for a new arrival on the 2nd day
  • All housekeeping staff receive training on updated cleaning practices


Reception and Public Areas

  • Purell Hand Sanitiser (70% alcohol) dispensers are installed throughout public areas – corridors, lifts, toilets, and high traffic areas
  • Disinfectant wipes available wherever contact with a surface might be necessary
  • MicroShield© Footbaths - entry mat containing disinfectant solution to ensure decontamination of footwear – placed at main entrances
  • Handsfree door openers installed at all public area doors
  • Dyson Pure Air Sanitiser machine – with HEPA and activated carbon filtration, ultraviolet cleanse technology - at main public areas
  • All public areas cleaned with increased frequency
  • All high touch areas sanitised regularly
  • Protective screens installed for the reception desk
  • Key cards disinfected one by one
  • Disposable pens provided in protective sleeves
  • Social distancing measures introduced in all high traffic areas and where queueing might occur
  • Signs throughout the hotel reminding guests of best hygiene and preventive practices


Sandymount Hotel Employees

  • Staff members continuously trained on new procedures
  • We promote all preventative measures in our staff areas as well, including regular hand washing, use of hand sanitiser, social distancing, frequent cleaning and disinfecting, respiratory hygiene, sufficient stock of PPEs.
  • Management and staff meet regularly to share ideas and new ways to protect each other and our guests


  • Sandymount Hotel has put in place a plan to deal with suspected cases of COVID 19 in the hotel, including:
  • Isolating the person in preselected rooms
  • Ensuring means of communication
  • Contacting and cooperating with the HSE
  • Contracted with a professional cleaning company to clean rooms used for isolation


We would like to thank all of our colleagues, guests, and suppliers for their continued support and understanding at this time and look forward to welcoming you to Sandymount Hotel. 

Please stay safe and listen to all recommendations by Governments and Health Professionals.


To view a PDF version of Sandymount Hotel's Coronavirus Health and Safety Guidelines.


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